The Unseen Costs of an Untreated Leak

The Unseen Costs of an Untreated Leak

Leaks are ugly, leaks are dangerous, and leaks can expensive. Very expensive.

And we’re not talking about the cost of hiring a plumber or replacing your pipes. Instead, the price goes beyond that, and could leave a toll on your pocketbook for years and years.

What are some of the unexpected or unseen maintenance costs of a leak, flood, or major spill? Besides clearing away the water and treating your plumbing system, you may be on the hook for…

Treating Mold

An untreated leak means constant moisture, and constant moisture is what mold needs to thrive. You’d be surprised how much mold growth can result from even a small leak in your ceiling or wall.

Any amount of mold is serious and should be treated, and you should know that you’re in for more than just a little bit of discoloration on your ceiling. Many types of mold can have adverse effects on adults and children. And while you may be able to clear away surface level mold or mildew in your bathroom, you may well need to bring in a mold remediation pro to tackle the huge mold patches, deep rot, and hard-to-reach spots that can be borne from an untreated leak or wet spot.

And to even spot some of this deep-set mold, you may need to bring in a contractor to do some exploring, which may mean removing sections of drywall or ripping up wallpaper. And once that occurs, you’ll need to shell out for the expense of…

Replacing Your Walls or Floors

Home cleaning hacks and solutions may be able to treat some light water damage, but you’ll likely need to bring in a pro to deal with the rotting, warping, and bulging that may occur around your home as water pools in your walls and floors.

Be sure to bring in a professional at the very first sign of wetness or water damage; if you don’t, you may find yourself shelling out big time for new hardwood, tile, and drywall, all on top of the costs incurred by fixing the leak and cleaning the area.

And if your floors and walls are damaged, who knows what may have happened to your beloved couch or antique table! In the event of a major leak, be ready to cover the cost of…

Buying New Fixtures and Furniture

Have you window shopped for furniture lately? It’s a pricey proposition. The last thing you’ll want, on top of all of your other plumbing and repair expenses, is to have to schlep to a furniture store to replace a musty couch or splintered chair.

And on top of that, it’s not unheard of for appliances and fixtures to be badly damaged as the result of an untreated leak. Whether the unwanted water comes from an appliance (like an old water heater or washing machine) or a leak elsewhere in your system, you may have to take a trip to a hardware store to replace a blown gasket, a damaged tap, or any other faulty fixture.

If it all sounds like a nightmare, that’s because it can be! Don’t wait for something to go wrong before you reach out to a plumbing professional; instead, keep a close eye on your home’s system and bring in a pro for regular inspections and maintenance, before a little warning sign blows up into a wallet-draining catastrophe.

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