Solve Your Basement Flooding Problem in Chicago

The most common cause of basement flooding in Chicago and the Near North Shore is fluctuation in the water table, or groundwater level, caused by rainfall. We have several rivers in our area, and we’re right on Lake Michigan, so we have a naturally high water table that rises easily with rainfall.

What this means for you is that you may have a flooded basement from time to time. However, J. Blanton Plumbing offers high quality flooding control solutions to help prevent basement flooding in your Chicago area home.

Basement Flooding

Basement Waterproofing

J. Blanton offers proven basement waterproofing solutions to prevent water from getting into your basement and damaging either your decor or your foundation. Call us to learn more.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a simple and effective way to route water away from your basement when the water table rises. Call J. Blanton to see how our sump pump services can keep your basement dry.

Whether it’s a storage space or a living space, a flooded basement is a problem. Water buildup in your basement will ruin your belongings and can damage the foundation of your home over time. J. Blanton Plumbing will solve your basement flooding problem. Call us at (773) 724-9272 to schedule a free consultation today!

Why J. Blanton

We take our business seriously and want you to know it. These are just some of the credentials we hold to show that when you choose J. Blanton Plumbing, you’re getting a plumber you can rely on:

  • State of Illinois Bonded Plumbing Contractor
  • City of Chicago Licensed Plumbing Contractor
  • City of Chicago Department of Water Management License
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency CCCDI Backflow Inspectors License
  • City of Chicago Business License
  • BBB Accredited Business

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