Nearly 25 Years’ Experience Waterproofing Basements in Chicago

Basement water problems have existed as long as basements have. Water will get into your Chicago area basement through any opening it can find, including your walls, floors and the joints where they meet; water can even seep through brick and concrete! This is why basements are notoriously damp, humid spaces.

Rather than suffer the damp chill and mildewy scent of a wet basement, call J. Blanton Plumbing for basement waterproofing services. We’ve provided basement waterproofing solutions in Chicago since 1993. We use a variety of proven techniques to ensure that water doesn’t come into your basement.

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Basement Waterproofing Solutions from J. Blanton

  • Drain Tile/French Drain A drain tile line is installed in the basement floor, just inside the foundation walls. The French drain sends water to a pump that pumps the water away from your home. This is a highly reliable and easy to service waterproofing method.
  • Flood Control System An alternative for homes where a French drain won’t work as well, a backwater valve is installed in your home’s main sewer line. During heavy rain, when water is most likely to back up into your basement, the backwater valve closes off, preventing the water backup.

Whether you’re using your basement for storage or for living space, you need to make sure it isn’t being damaged by water incursion. Excess water in your basement causes more than just damp air and mildewy scents; it can also damage your home’s foundation over time.

Make sure your home has the basement waterproofing solutions it needs. Call J. Blanton Plumbing at (773) 724-9272 today to schedule your free consultation.

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What Sets Us Apart

A family business serving Chicago and the Near North Shore since 1993, J. Blanton is proud to offer the best warranties in the industry. When we leave your home, your basement waterproofing issue will be fixed. If we’ve made a mistake or used a lemon part, or if you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to call us back. We will always take your phone calls and fix the issue. We stand behind our work.