When to Replace Plumbing Lines


Don’t Let Your Aging Pipes Catch You Off Guard Many people choose to purchase an older home and renovate it to create the perfect combination of retro and modern style. However, your beloved fixer-upper could be hiding pipes that are less than satisfactory. While nothing in life is perfect, it is important [...]

Join the No Drip Club Today!


What A Yearly Maintenance Plan Can Do For You Daily life can be stressful and it’s easy to forget to keep track of your HVAC and plumbing maintenance, especially if it seems as though nothing is amiss. However, it is essential to take good care of your equipment because even if it works [...]

Why Tankless Water Heater Maintenance is Essential


Looking to save the planet and a bit of extra cash? Look no further than a tankless water heater! The average tankless heater saves about 30-50% more energy than a traditional tank water heater, saving you a significant amount of money on your power bill. This is because tankless heaters only operate when needed, [...]

4 Money-Saving Maintenance Tips


Home Maintenance Tips For You… And Your Wallet! Summertime is meant for block parties and cookouts, but neither will be any fun if the only thing you can think about is rising energy bills and repair costs. Skip the unnecessary stress of expensive repairs and check out these four tips to keep your home in [...]

Plumbing Safety in Your Home

Plumbing Safety|

3 Tips For a Safer Home Plumbing System From car seats and self-defense lessons to high-security locks and home security systems, most would stop at nothing to keep their family safe. However, it is just as important to keep in mind the dangers within our own home’s plumbing system, and how to avoid them. [...]

The History of Plumbing


6 Fun Facts About Plumbing Through The Ages You may recall learning about the Industrial Revolution, the 100 Years War and the colonization of America in school. But nowhere in the curriculum is there a section on one of the most ancient industries known to man: plumbing! Can you imagine life without [...]

The Impact of Modern Plumbing


3 Reasons We Are Proud To Be In The Industry The World Plumbing Council created World Plumbing Day in 2009 in order to raise awareness of the plumbing industry’s vital role in improving public health and wellness. Every year on March 11th, people from both inside and outside of the plumbing industry [...]

Why You Should Test Your Water


People use many different methods to keep their families safe, such as home security systems and automotive upgrades. However, because we use our sinks and showers every day, many don’t consider the importance of routine water testing. It can be difficult to remember that, without proper care, your water can contain harmful toxins! Whether your [...]

How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Kitchen, Plumbing|

3 Simple Tips To Help Your Garbage Disposal Stay Clean You’re finally hosting the dinner party you’ve spent days preparing for. The kids are behaving, the food is impeccable and the room is buzzing with cheerful conversation. When everyone is finished, you swiftly sweep the proper waste into your handy garbage disposal. [...]

All About Sewer Rodding


5 Important Things You Should Know About Sewer Rodding Has your sink been draining a bit slower lately? You may have a blockage that requires you to unclog your pipes. Over-the-counter liquid drain cleaners can damage your system, or fail to resolve the blockage altogether if there is a major obstruction. [...]

The Risks Of Lead Piping

Water Quality|

Why Your Home’s Lead Pipes Must Be Replaced Lead has been used in various construction projects throughout history due to its stable yet pliable nature. Among these ventures, plumbing piping was especially coupled with lead use. There’s just one small problem: lead is extremely poisonous when ingested. However, this was not [...]

Plumbing Modifications For Your New Home


Plumbing Customizations to Complete Your Renovation Maybe it’s time to invest in that long-awaited refurbishment, or maybe you want to become more eco-friendly. No matter the motivation, investing in a significant renovation can be equally stressful as it is exciting. With a maze of pipes situated just behind your walls, it can be tricky [...]

Effects Of Spring Thaw On Your Pipes


What Spring Thawing Means For Your Plumbing For Chicagoans, spring is a long-awaited relief from what feels like another never-ending ice age. Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to find out what kind of legacy Jack Frost left behind. If the year boasted a [...]

The Importance Of Septic Tank Inspections


3 Reasons to Proactively Schedule A Septic Tank Inspection Of all the fun-filled ways you could kick off the new year, repairing a leaky septic tank probably doesn’t make the list. Your septic tank needs to be inspected at least once every three years, as these assessments are crucial to the functionality [...]

How To Handle A Suspected Gas Leak

Home Improvement|

What To Do In The Event Of An At-Home Gas Leak Too often, we hear stories of dangerous explosions that occur due to unforeseen gas leaks. To keep yourself and your family safe, it is essential that you monitor your gas levels at home and know what actions to take should you [...]

Plumbing Tasks That Require An Expert

Plumbing, Plumbing Safety|

5 Plumbing Projects You Should Never DIY Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to jot down your annual list of resolutions. Maybe you promised yourself that you would work harder to maintain your intended budget. But which corners should you cut in order to meet your financial goals? [...]

Avoid a High Water Bill


Want to Save Money On Your Water Bill? Take These Steps Usually your water bill is pretty predictable. It might go up or down depending on how often you’re at home or if you get a new irrigation system or pool, but you can usually expect the change. As a result, it [...]

Bad Smelling Drains

Water Quality|

What is Causing That Terrible Odor From Your Drains and/or Water? Let’s face it, it is pretty embarrassing when you notice an unpleasant smell in your home. It is particularly distressing if you have cleaned everything and there is still something ominous drifting out of your faucet or drain. You don’t want [...]

Slab Leak Prevention


Ways to Keep Slab Leaks Off Your List of Worries There is so much fine print to being a homeowner that it can get pretty overwhelming. If your home in the Chicago area sits on a concrete slab, how often do you think about it? Luckily, you don’t have to pay it [...]

Noisy Water Pipes


Solutions to Noisy Water Pipes That Arose Such a Clatter Clang! Bang! What is that racket? No, it’s not reindeer landing on your roof. If it is coming from inside your walls, it is probably an issue with your plumbing. Noisy water pipes are at best inconvenient and at worst they can [...]

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