4 Tips To Finding Leaks In Your Concrete Foundation

Though we all know it’s important to keep an eye out for leaky faucets or dripping pipes, we don’t always consider that leaks can form in the concrete foundation of our homes. However, when the pipes within your floors leak, it can cause water to build up beneath the slab, leading to significant damage that can impact your home and personal belongings. Because slab leaks can be tough to catch in the early stages, consider these tips that will help you stop water leaks under your concrete in their tracks! 

Catch Minor Leaks As They Form

Check for leaks in your basement sinks and faucets to ensure water doesn’t inundate the concrete floor. The sooner you identify a leak or other water source leaking water into the concrete foundation below, the less likely you are to suffer any damage to your home. If you do find a leak, have a plumber address the leak and keep the water from further sneaking into your slab. 

Proper Installation

If you are considering laying down concrete for a home renovation project, be sure not to do it alone! Always hire a qualified professional, as poor installation can lead to uneven surfaces and cracking that will result in costly repairs. Additionally, failing to properly mix or pour the concrete can make it easier for water to permeate its surface. 

Look For Early Warning Signs

Because concrete breaks down over time, it can be difficult to catch a leak in its beginning stages. By the time it becomes obvious that something is wrong, it is generally too late to repair. Avoid expensive slab leak repairs and foundation repairs by looking out for the warning signs that something is amiss beneath your concrete. Basement walls are often made from concrete, so it is essential to look for water stains or streaks that run from ceiling to floor. If you notice these water stains, contact a professional right away, as they will be able to determine if you’ve got a leak on your hands. 

Too Little Too Late

If you notice a small water spot on your wall, you may be inclined to cover it up and not worry. However, this is like putting a band-aid on a bad bruise; it may cover up the damage, but you’ve done nothing to remedy the root of the issue. Over time, the leak will continue to grow and damage your home. Immediately call a plumber if you notice water damage; do not attempt to repair the leak by yourself, as you could unwittingly make the leak even worse! 

If you are concerned you may have a slab leak or water damage under the concrete in your home, give J. Blanton Plumbing a call at any of our three Chicago area locations. We would be happy to help in any way we can!