Address These Plumbing Issues Before Winter Begins

While the first weeks of summer are meant for frolicking and barbecuing, the last few are usually spent planning for the long winter ahead. You may not want to think about winter this early, but if you don’t, the cold could take you by surprise! Make your plumbing preparation as painless as possible with these three tips regarding issues that must be addressed before the cold rolls in!

Leak Prevention

Whether it’s a major or minor crack, damaged pipes are more likely to freeze and burst in the wintertime, leading to expensive repairs and possible water damage, among other issues. Be sure to find and fix any and all leaks now in order to strengthen your plumbing by the time another harsh winter arrives. 

Resolve Clogs & Backups

Because you and your family will be spending much more time indoors during the cooler months, it is imperative that you address any clogs and slow drains before they become worse. Not only will drain cleaning make your pipes flow better, it can help identify underground leaks and root incursions that will be a lot harder and more expensive to repair in winter, when the ground is frozen. 

Schedule Boiler Maintenance

One thing you will want to make sure of during the colder months is that you have a functioning boiler at all times. After all, Chicago wasn’t nicknamed Chiberia for nothing! Make sure that your boiler doesn’t have any trouble this winter by getting boiler maintenance done before the weather begins to cool down. With preventative maintenance, you won’t have to suffer in the cold for a single day!

Make this winter in Chi-town your easiest yet and give J. Blanton Plumbing a call at any of our three Chicagoland locations. Our licensed plumbers are happy to answer any questions and meet any plumbing needs you may have!