3 Simple Tips To Help Your Garbage Disposal Stay Clean

You’re finally hosting the dinner party you’ve spent days preparing for. The kids are behaving, the food is impeccable and the room is buzzing with cheerful conversation. When everyone is finished, you swiftly sweep the proper waste into your handy garbage disposal. Eager to impress your guests by making their scraps disappear with the simple flip of a switch, you turn it on. Suddenly, putrid smells fill the room and you notice your friends excusing themselves before dessert has even been served!

Don’t let your dream dinner party become a nightmare. Consider these three ways you can keep your garbage disposal squeaky clean.

Water running in sink.

Routine Flushing

It is best to act before you notice any signs of stinky filth by taking routine preventative measures such as flushing. Simply turn on your garbage disposal and run a steady stream of hot water through the system for about one minute. Not only will this successfully push stray particles through the disposal, eliminating any lingering smells, but it also does not require you to purchase any additional equipment! Make sure to complete this process frequently, so your system stays free of straggling scraps.

A Good Soak

If regular flushing isn’t enough to keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh, you can dislodge persistent pieces of food waste with a good soak. Plug the side of your sink that houses the garbage disposal and fill it about halfway with a mixture of hot water, vinegar and dish soap. Once your liquid mixture is complete, unplug the sink and turn on your garbage disposal, letting the water/vinegar/soap mixture drain through your disposal. This will propel the soapy water through your disposal blades and pipes, ensuring that the cleaning solution will clean any hard-to-reach areas a simple flush can’t get to.

Don’t Forget The Sink

It may seem obvious, but many people overlook the sink drains that feed into their garbage disposal. Don’t be afraid to slather your sponge with dish soap and vigorously clean the inside of your sink drain to dislodge any straggling scraps; bacteria can feed off of this waste and cause that rotten smell you don’t want your family or guests to have to smell. Just make sure the garbage disposal is off when you’re cleaning it!

If you have tried every trick in the book and the smell still haunts your kitchen sink, it may be time to call a trained specialist as the problem may be more serious than meets the eye! Here at J Blanton, we have helped over 10,000 families with various plumbing needs, from water heater repairs to kitchen plumbing; our team has over 25 years of experience and have not lost any of the passion we have for the industry. Give us a call at (773)-724-9272 for all your plumbing needs!