Protect Your Pipes & Keep Your Critters Out of Harm’s Way

Whether they’re playing in the yard or curled up in your lap, it’s undeniable that pets are an integral part of the family. However, we all know how curious animals can be, and it is essential that you keep your fluffy companions away from fixtures and appliances that could hurt them. 

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Keep Your Pets & Plumbing Safe 

Cover Exposed Pipes & Wires

Though you may not think about a protruding pipe or wire, your pet might think it’s a toy and hurt themself trying to play with it. You don’t want your dog to chew through a pipe and cause a flood or your cat to chew a wire and get a potentially fatal shock, so consider purchasing covers from your local hardware store to prevent this! However, if Spot does manage to gnaw through a pipe, call a professional right away for emergency plumbing repairs.

Discourage Digging

Sometimes dogs, and even outdoor cats, enjoy digging holes in your yard. Though it may serve as one of their favorite pastimes, sewer lines run as little as two feet under the surface and too much digging could expose those pipes and create a hazard. Always monitor your pet’s digging and discourage them from digging deep enough to disrupt the underground plumbing system.

Install Drain Guards

Dogs and cats require the occasional bath, especially if they have been frolicking outdoors. While it is important to keep your pets clean, excess shedding can lead to a clogged shower drain, which will require a drain snake or even a formal repair. Be sure to install a drain guard before washing your furry friends.

Close Your Toilet Lids

Have you ever wondered why your pets prefer to drink from the toilet? It’s because toilet water is cold! Unfortunately, it’s also not very safe for your pet to be drinking. The bowl can contain residual fecal matter from human waste and chemicals from cleaning products, all of which can make your animals really sick. Keep them out of your toilets by keeping the lids closed and their water bowls filled with clean, cold water.

Keep Appliance Doors Closed

Pets are naturally curious, so if you leave your washing machine or dishwasher door open, they’re bound to climb in there and have a snoop around. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch them in there and shoo them out before running a load; but if you don’t realize your pet is in there, the consequences could be fatal. Don’t risk losing a beloved pet. Keep appliance doors closed at all times!

Make sure to follow these five steps to pet-proofing your plumbing so your pipes and your pets are safe. And if you have any specific concerns regarding pets and your plumbing, or if you need plumbing service in the Chicago area, give J. Blanton Plumbing a call at any of our three area locations. We’re happy to help!