If Your AC Is On Its Last Leg, It May Be Cheaper To Replace It

While you might be tempted to avoid paying for an air conditioning replacement by running your air conditioner even though there are signs of aging, an aging system will cost you more in the long run. The average AC unit has a lifespan of 10-15 years, so if your unit is hitting double digits, it may be time to consider a new one before your current one breaks the bank entirely. 

5 Reasons To Replace Your Old Air Conditioner


While it may seem like you’re getting the most out of your current system by pushing it to the limit, over time your system will lose its ability to produce cool air at a cost-effective rate. Inevitably, your system will begin to tire out and will need to work twice as hard, wasting resources and significantly raising your energy bills! 


The only thing worse than your old air conditioner dying on you without warning is waiting for the new one to arrive! Make sure your foresight is 20/20, rather than your hindsight, and consider replacing your unit as soon as you feel that yours is wearing out. This way, your family won’t have to fight over who gets to stick their head in the fridge while you’re waiting for your replacement unit to arrive. 

Save Money

While it will cost you upfront to replace your old unit, it’s worth the investment compared to the multitude of repair bills you’ll be faced with from an aging AC system. If your older system requires a plethora of repairs, it will likely soon break down entirely regardless, so it’s best to avoid any unnecessary services by purchasing a new unit as soon as you notice concerning signs. 

No Compromise

If your worn-out system breaks down without any warning, it can certainly incite panic among your family members. Amid this pressure, you may not be able to shop around and get the best deal on your next installation. Buying a new unit before the old one is officially on the outs allows you to research different options, as you’ll be using the new unit for another decade, at least. 

R-22 Phaseout

The refrigerant R-22 is being phased out worldwide due to its negative impact on the ozone. Because the quantity is quickly diminishing, its price has skyrocketed. Until you purchase a new unit that utilizes another type of coolant, you’ll be forced to pay much more for R-22. 

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