How Should I Maintain My Home’s Radiators?


Hissing. Clanging. Banging. Growling. No, we’re not reading off the script of the next Transformers movie. Instead, we’re willing to bet these are sounds that some of you are hearing in your Chicago home right this second. And the culprit isn’t some monster from outer space, but the radiator sitting over there in the

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Do I Need a Pressure Reducing Valve?


Most people share the opinion that the more water pressure, the better. A warm, cascading shower certainly feels better than a light, misty trickle, and a robust stream coming out of the sink makes life easier in countless ways. Certainly, it would be hard to immediately think of a time we've heard someone complain about

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Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners


5 Ways To Keep Your Plumbing Flowing Smoothly As A Pet-Owner Having a furry friend in your home as an additional member of the family is a joy most of us know very well. While the positive aspects of having these loving animals in our life are seemingly endless, there are certain

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Air Conditioning Blower Motor Trouble


5 Reasons AC Blower Motor Trouble A well-functioning AC blower motor is a crucial part of your air conditioning unit. It is the main part behind the movement of conditioned air in your home, and it’s the difference between “ahh” and “ugh” in your home’s temperature. Signs that your unit may be

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Should You Opt for a Smart Shower?


In today’s digital world, it seems like we have more options to do more things than ever before. Case in point? While going to the bathroom or taking a shower used to be simple affairs, now there are a whole mess of apps and gadgets designed to make the process greener, faster, or just

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Unlicensed Plumbers On Angie’s List, Investigated


The Angie’s List Plumbing Investigation & What It Means For You Earlier this summer, in June, NBC 5 Investigates looked into a worrying trend that had cropped up in the Chicago Angie’s List, specifically pertaining to those plumbing contractors who had set up offers on the website without a plumbing license for

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How to Recycle Your Old Bathroom Products


It’s springtime in Chicago, which means everyone is thinking about two things: Going green, and doing a little bit (or a lot) of spring cleaning. Why not put those two things together and turn your attention to your bathroom? We’re willing to bet you’ve got plenty of old or unwanted products taking up valuable

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Do You Have A Hidden Leak?


4 Signs Of A Hidden Water Leak The frigid Chicago winter is uncomfortable enough without plumbing problems interrupting your life. If you spy water dripping from the pipes under your kitchen sink, it’s an easy fix: just call a plumber! But what if the leak lies in a pipe just behind your

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What Causes Pipes to Burst?


It Could Be as Simple as a Clogged Drain You might know the most common causes for burst pipes, such as freezing, expanding water and high water pressure. But do you know what else causes pipes to burst that seems fairly innocent enough? The answer is a clogged drain. Usually, it’s just a

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