J. Blanton Plumbing Drain Cleaning Clears The Toughest Clogs From Your Drains & Pipes

The sinks and tubs in your Chicago area home are used every day, so it’s normal for issues to arise occasionally. Sometimes the plunger under your sink won’t do the job of clearing a clog. When you have tough clogs, call in the professionals at J. Blanton Plumbing. We have the tools and experience to provide you with expert drain cleaning so the water will be flowing freely in no time.

Drain Cleaning

Drains get clogged from normal use. Some common causes are:

  • Dirt

  • Hair

  • Soap scum

  • Kitchen grease/oil

Much deeper and more serious clogs are caused by tree roots or pipes that have become damaged. No matter what size clog you have, we can clean your drains using professional equipment that is safer and works better than many of the products you may find in home improvement stores. Let our drain cleaning services get you flowing again.

Drain Snake

A cable drain cleaner with the capacity to go deep inside the pipes to clear up clogs.

Hydro Jetter

A high pressure water stream that blasts into large, deep blockages and sends them through the pipes.

What Sets Us Apart

When you call J. Blanton, you’re getting a business that has been around for three generations, so you can expect the best. Our trained professionals treat you like family and know how to get the job done quickly—from small clogs to large blockages. If your drains start causing trouble again, call us to come back out. We stand behind our work.

We also offer No Drip Club memberships to make caring for your drains and plumbing pipes quick and easy. For one reasonable fee, you can have annual service on your home’s plumbing system.

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