The Perfect Solution to Basement Water Flow Problems in Chicago

If you have a basement bathroom or laundry room that’s lower than your main sewer or septic line, the water from your basement toilet or washing machine won’t naturally flow up to your main line. In this situation, an ejector pump can be a critical addition to your Chicago area home’s water management system. Installing an ejector pump can help keep the water flowing properly out of your basement fixtures and appliances.

An ejector pump, which is also known as a pump up ejector system, moves wastewater from a sump basin located belowground up to the sewer or septic tank for disposal. In simple terms, it’s an upflush system, safely moving the water up from the lower level and draining into the main line.

Ejector Pump

Not sure if your basement plumbing is below your main sewer line? If you are experiencing basement water flow problems, consider adding an ejector pump to your home’s plumbing system. We recommend having a J. Blanton Plumbing team member inspect your plumbing system to determine the right size ejector pump needed for your home. Schedule a free evaluation today.

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