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Your gas lines are an important part of your Chicago area home. They deliver fuel for your stove, fireplace, water heater and other appliances. So when you gas line is damaged, it can cause a lot of problems for your family. Damaged gas lines don’t just keep you from using your gas appliances; they can also pose a health risk if they’re leaking.

If you suspect there is a problem with your gas lines, call J. Blanton Plumbing for immediate repair service. Our professionals have the training and experience necessary to quickly detect problems in your gas lines and fix them safely.

Gas Line Repair Chicago

Reasons You May Need Gas Line Repair:

  • Erosion—Over time your gas line will wear down naturally.

  • Faulty Seals—Connections from the gas line to the appliance may loosen or wear out.

  • Lack of Maintenance—Normal use of gas-powered appliances can lead to wear and tear of lines that can be prevented with regular maintenance.

  • Other Damage—A gas line can become nicked from having other repairs done nearby.

When it comes to gas line repair, do not try to do it yourself. Improperly repaired gas lines can pose a serious fire risk to your home, so call J. Blanton to ensure that your repair is made safely and promptly by one of our experienced professionals. We will repair your gas lines so that you can safely use your gas powered appliances.

When you need fast, reliable gas line repair in the Chicago area, call J. Blanton Plumbing at (773) 724-9272.

Experience Matters

When you call J. Blanton, you’re getting a business that has been around for three generations, so you know you can expect the best. Our trained professionals are licensed, insured and experienced. Call us when you need high quality, safe gas line repair.

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