One of the Most Reliable Solutions to Basement Flooding in Chicago

If there’s one thing we all know as Chicago and Near North Shore residents, it’s that basement flooding is a fact of life here. This is partially due to our proximity to the lake and accompanying high water table. But it’s also partially due to Chicago’s sewer system; our municipal sewer system was built in the 1850s, and is largely still original, so it can get overwhelmed by large volumes of water, which causes backflow into your basement. However, an overhead sewer system from J. Blanton Plumbing can stop backflow water from flooding your basement.

What’s the Difference Between a Normal Sewer and an Overhead Sewer?

Almost all homes are built with a traditional gravity sewer system that allows your waste water to naturally flow down into the main sewer line. These systems are easy to install, but also make it easier for your basement to flood.

An overhead sewer system is different because it is custom built to move your home’s sewer pipe from below the basement to above it. Essentially, your sewer pipe is raised to above ground level (usually in the space between your ground floor flooring and basement ceiling) and ensures that even backed up water from the city sewer can’t reach that high. Your basement plumbing is connected to an ejector pump and pumped up into the overhead sewer, while the plumbing in your home’s upper floors continues to drain by gravity. This keeps the basement dry from municipal sewer backup.

Same Sewer Capacity, More Effective Flood Prevention

Overhead sewer systems are often referred to as the most reliable flood prevention systems available to Chicago area homeowners. As Chicago area plumbers who have served this city for over two decades, J. Blanton Plumbing can install your overhead sewer with expert skill and professionalism.

If you’ve got a flood-prone basement, call J. Blanton today to schedule an overhead sewer installation consultation. Our number is (773) 724-9272.

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