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A problem with your sewer can cause an unpleasant mess of problems that can damage your house, yard and more. When you suspect problems with your sewer line, call J. Blanton Plumbing right away to have a professional diagnose and fix the problem before it becomes a bigger headache. We can handle your sewer repair today.
Sewer Repair

Signs of Sewer Issues:

  • Frequent Toilet Problems—If your commode backs up or seems to have a clog you can’t clear, it could be a sign of a root or other large object is blocking the sewer line.
  • Unusual Odors—If you smell sewage around your home, it could be a sign that the lines are backed up and overflowing.
  • Drains That Empty Slowly—If your sink or tub drains do not drain as quickly as they should and using a plunger does not seem to work for long, there could be a blockage in your sewer line.
  • Soggy Grass—A sewer that is leaking can leave a wet patch in your yard when it hasn’t rained. This is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly.

If you suspect your sewer line is damaged or broken, call us to come out and determine what the problem is and how to best solve it. Leave the dirty work to us.
Don’t let your sewer issues get out of hand. Call J. Blanton Plumbing at (773) 724-9272 for sewer repair services in the Chicago area today!

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to protect your plumbing from sewer line damage. There are several common causes of damage, and some of them are completely unavoidable. All of the following could cause you to need sewer repair:

  • Physical Blockage—This is one of the more avoidable causes of sewer line replacement. If excess toilet paper or foreign objects end up in your sewer system, a clog can form. Even a small blockage will eventually cause the pipe to prevent the flow of water.
  • Tree Roots—If you have any large trees in your yard, their roots could be a danger to your plumbing. Tree roots seek out the nutrients and moisture found in underground pipes. At times, they break through the pipes and cause serious damage.
  • Rodents—Mice and rats have sharp teeth that are capable of chewing through small cracks in your pipes. While they don’t usually chew on undamaged pipes, rodents often seek out pipes with minor damage. They could transform a small crack into a large opening, resulting in a significant leak.
  • Wear and Tear—As much as you might want your plumbing to last forever, this won’t happen. If you have an old home, your pipes could be corroded or damaged. Even if you care for your plumbing, you might need a sewer line replacement. Newer materials make plumbing materials more sturdy, but they’re still not indestructible. To make sure your plumbing doesn’t have excess wear and tear, have an annual plumbing inspection.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If you have an issue with your sewer line, there are two potential fixes. The first and more affordable option is a sewer line repair. Typically, a plumber chooses this option for cracks or holes in the sewer line. In extreme cases, the only fix is a complete sewer line replacement.
To determine whether you need a repair or replacement, an expert will assess the situation. A video inspection or pressure test can diagnose the problem with your sewer line. After having eyes on the issue, a plumber can move forward with the best solution.
For a sewer repair, there are two simple fixes. Pipe lining is a minimally invasive method of fixing a section of your sewer line. It involves taking an inflatable tube covered in epoxy and placing it into the existing line. After the epoxy hardens, the pipe is sealed. Another method is pipe bursting. With this technique, a bit travels through the line and replaces the old pipe with a new one. Both options are trenchless, which means your yard doesn’t experience much damage.
On the other hand, sewer line replacement is invasive. It requires a trench and takes a significant amount of time to finish. However, it’s the only way to handle some sewer problems. It’s much better to agree to a sewer line replacement if a repair is only a bandaid to the real issue.

How to Protect Your Sewer Lines

If you don’t want to incur the expense that comes with sewer repair or replacement, you need to take care of your plumbing. For starters, be wary of what you place in your toilet bowl. Flushable wipes, tissues, and feminine hygiene products don’t belong in your toilet bowl. If you have children, teach them to be cautious of dropping foreign objects into the toilet. Similarly, be mindful of what goes down your kitchen and bathroom sink drains.
Additionally, take steps to keep tree roots from growing into your pipes. You can accomplish this by removing large trees from your yard or installing barriers around your pipes. Another possibility is to have a professional cut your tree roots.
Finally, hire a professional for an annual plumbing inspection. If there’s a small clog in your system, an expert will find it before you need a costly repair. They might notice tree roots invading the pipes or other issues.

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J. Blanton Plumbing offers Chicago and the North Shore area homeowners reliable sewer service and repair backed by some of the best warranties in the industry. We’ve been helping people for 25 years. When you call us, we’ll arrive with a fully stocked vehicle so we can make the sewer repair fast. We always provide pricing before starting a job, even when it is an emergency, so you can rest assured that you know how much it will cost upfront.

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