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Do you ever wonder about the water quality in your Chicago home? City water is treated to be free of germs and bacteria, but the treatment process leaves behind chemicals that can leave your water with a smell or flavor that makes it less than appetizing. Make sure you have the best water in Chicago with water filtration from J. Blanton Plumbing.

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Services from J. Blanton

  • Water Testing

  • Water Filtration System Maintenance

  • Water Filtration Systems

  • Water Filtration System Repair

Water filtration will remove any residual treatment chemicals that affect the flavor and scent of your water. It can also remove minerals and soften your water, so you don’t end up with mineral deposits on your spigots. As if improved taste, texture and scent weren’t reason enough to call J. Blanton for water filtration services, it also saves you money on bottled water.

If you’re worried about your water quality, call J. Blanton Plumbing. Our highly qualified team will diagnose your water problem and find the right water filtration system to solve it. Call us at (773) 724-9272 today!

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Our company is family-run. We share our own values with our customers. If you are looking for a local business you know, like and trust, look no more! We are licensed through:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health
  • City of Chicago
  • EPA

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