Think You’ve Got Good Water Quality in Chicago? Find Out For Sure!

The Chicago Department of Water Management does a great job making sure our water meets all federal and state water safety minimum standards. But those are just minimum standards. There may still be some contaminants in your water. If you want to make sure your home has high quality water that far exceeds standards, call J. Blanton Plumbing for water testing services.

Water Testing

What do we look for when testing your water quality?

  • Aluminum

  • Manganese

  • Sulfates

  • Copper

  • Chloride

  • Zinc

  • Iron

  • and more!

There are a lot of variables that go into water quality, from where your water comes from to what treatment process it went through before reaching your home, and even the materials your pipes are made from. Water testing from J. Blanton will identify any minerals, chemicals or other contaminants present in your water. Knowing what impurities, if any, you water has will let you know what water filtration options are best for your needs.

If you want your water quality to go beyond meeting minimum safety standards, call J. Blanton Plumbing at (773) 724-9272 to schedule your water quality testing. We’ll make sure you have the best drinking water in Chicago.

Why J. Blanton

We take our business seriously and want you to know it. These are just some of the credentials we hold to show that when you choose J. Blanton Plumbing, you’re getting a plumber you can rely on:

  • State of Illinois Bonded Plumbing Contractor
  • City of Chicago Licensed Plumbing Contractor
  • City of Chicago Department of Water Management License
  • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency CCCDI Backflow Inspectors License
  • City of Chicago Business License
  • BBB Accredited Business

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